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4Pack Swap N Swallow
Release Date: December 5, 2006
Directed by: Various Directors

4 Best Selling Zero Tolerance Releases all packaged in one standard size DVD Case. Contains 4 Full length DVD's! 4PACK Swap 'N' Swallow is a collection of four of our best selling cum swapping oriented titles! Titles Include "Blow Me Sandwich 2", "Goo For Two 2", "The Incredible Gulp 3", and "Teenage Jizz Junkies"

The Incredible Gulp 3
Release Date: December 1, 2004
Directed by: David Perry

Cum has ZERO carbs! Why else would these beautiful babes swallow so much semen without a care in the world? Just look at their firm tits, tight asses, and toned bodies they let total strangers fill their stomachs with super-sized servings of spunk three times a week and never gain a pound! How can these protein-packed popshots be so forgiving on their figure? Tune in to the most-filling sperm buffet in the biz and find out! Here's to living a healthy, low-carb lifestyle!

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