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Double Decker Sandwich
Release Date: July 16, 2003
Directed by: Mike Quasar

12 Girls, 6 Scenes, Over 2 Hours Hey sluts, thanks for the mammaries! Our special today is a 2-for-1 serving of huge fucking tits, piled high just the way you like 'em. We've stacked every scene with two big-tittied tramps, one stiff salami, and loaded 'em up with all the works! Creamy blowjobs, zesty anals, full flavored ATM's, and plenty of hot cum to wash it all down with afterwards! Every scene comes with 4 ripe melons, 2 pink tacos, and one giant pickle on the side. The soup of the day? Cum chowder of course! Watch these big-breasted sluts get fucked harder and nastier than ever before, then swap and swallow cum for dessert!

Who's Your Daddy? 2
Release Date: July 2, 2003
Directed by: Greg Alves

Featuring Dani Spanking you with 3 DP's, one 2-on-1, and 1 Anal. I always wanted to make you proud and be the biggest fucking slut I could be! For me, cocksucking and drinking cum was like second nature, and I knew right away why you call me your little girl. I was a nature at double anals! I love to spread my plump round ass cheeks and cram foot-long pricks up my ass. While other girls were busy sucking lollipops, I was sucking monster-sized cocks and soaking up chin-dripping facials like a sponge. You taught me that practice makes perfect, so it's been a lifelong lesson in lust and I owe it all to you.

Not Just Another 8Teen Movie
Release Date: June 18, 2003
Directed by: Greg Alves

Featuring Fallon Sommers 6 Scenes of slutty teens who just hit 18 and are in love with doing extreme scenes! Turning 18 is a magical moment in every young girls life. At last, they can finally celebrate their inherent sluttyness and proudly be the dirty whores they've always longed to be! Here's to pussy pounding, blistering balls deep blowjobs, and the cutest, freshest young nympho cocksuckers in the biz getting buck fuckin' wild! Every scene ends with a cream-covered, chin dripping facial to prove our perverted point!

Grand Theft Anal
Release Date: June 4, 2003
Directed by: Wendi Knight

Featuring Hanna Harper With an inline 6 scene and boasting over 120 minutes of pure whore power, these girls don't have time for pussy play. They put the power straight to the anal! We're taking a joyride, and there ain't a single fucking car around! These filthy sluts don't have the patience for played out pussy play, so we're putting the power straight to the anal and giving these sluts what they deserve. Boasting over 120 minutes of high-octane whore-power, we've stuffed every scene with extremely hardcore, ass pounding, rectal wrecking anal fucking fun! We've got enough glorious gaping assholes, mouth watering ATM's, and colon killing ass stabs to make you forget about that juicy pink pussy altogether. Who needs a beat up, loose lipped cunt anyways, when you can unload a huge load of hot cum in a tight asshole. Forget about the pussy and head straight for the "A"!

No Holes Barred
Release Date: May 21, 2003
Directed by: Greg Alves

Featuring Olivia Del Rio 15 holes and you guessed it, they all get fucked! Watch every single one of these filthy girls get triple penetrated and drenched in cum. There comes a time in every filthy whore's life when a run of the mill pussy pounding just won't do. That's where we come in... Get ready for an all-out, no-holes barred, triple penetration tour-de-force! These girls kindly offer every orifice on their body strictly for men's pleasure. They submit their beautiful bodies to the hardest, most extreme, wall-pounding penetrations possible, and still sport a cum-dripping smile! Every scene is filled to the brim with three huge cocks stuffing three tiny holes, with plenty of blistering blowjobs, ass-jolting ATM's, and colon-killing anal reamings to keep you and these sex-crazed sluts satisfied. No body part is sacred, no orifice is too small, and no hole goes unstuffed!

South American Pie
Release Date: May 14, 2003
Directed by: Marco Reese

Shot In South America Featuring Mona Lisa 9 lusty Latinas run their way through 6 border crossing scenes with 8 anals, one 4 way, 2 DP's and over 120 minutes of cum dripping sex. Latin girls take pride in being the filthiest, nastiest, crazed women. Blessed with plump round asses, mocha brown nipples, and full sucking lips. These dirty girls were born and raised for hardcore sex, and they can't wait to get their pink panochas and tight asses pounded! Watch these young eager putas choke on throbbing shlongs thicker than their wrists and swallow hot jiz like it's homemade salsa. Witness plunging balls-deep anal action, devastating DP's and jiz-covered facials more filthy than the back street of Tijuana!

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